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I am 48 mother of 2 teenagers.  I lost 70lbs about 6 years ago with bariatric surgery that I had done in Poland and had a lot of excess skin on my stomach and had saggy breasts.
I had seen Beauty in Lithuania on the TV programme ‘Body Shopping’ and decided I wouldn’t go back to Poland but would have a tummy tuck and a breast lift and reduction at the clinic in Lithuania.
Two years later I had the opportunity of extended leave from my job and decided that the time was right.
About 6 months before the surgery I met Dr Mantas in Drogheda and was assessed and approved for the surgery.  I also had eye bags removed and under arm tuck.  I booked my date there and then.
During the 6 months I was in contact with Daiva who answered all my questions.
I met Dr Mantas again about 3 weeks before my surgery. It was all systems go.
I travelled with my partner and daughter and we were met at the airport by a driver that Daiva had arranged. He took care of us for the whole week we were there and nothing was too much trouble for him. 
The next day we attended the clinic for tests and surgery.  The clinic is 5 star!  State of the art technology!  Absolutely fantastic staff.  The girls at the reception spoiled my partner with unlimited coffees and treats!  They are all fantastic and make you feel totally at ease.
I was shown to my room which I was sharing with a lovely lady.  She was having her surgery that day too.  The clinic provide a gown, dressing gown and slippers so no need to bring any PJs with you.  
All went well.  The clinic is super comfy and spotless! Food is gorgeous!  All the staff speak English which was a relief. When I had the surgery in Poland none of the staff apart from the coordinators spoke English.  
I stayed two nights in the clinic and had two checkups before I flew home.
Overall I can’t fault anything about my experience, the surgeons, nurses, staff and Daiva and her husband Arthur! It’s so reassuring to have a contact and be able to have a checkup in Ireland with the surgeon post op.  I’m so happy I made the choice to go to Lithuania.
Client: Anonymous

I'd hated my tummy for years ever since I'd been a bit overweight in my early 20s and then had 3 children. Although I liked to keep fit, nothing would shift my tummy. If I lost a good bit of weight to make my tummy as flat as possible I would end up looking too thin in the face which just made me look unhealthy and older, and i still had a layer of skin which would be crinklier the more I lost. I remembered seeing a programme on RTE which featured a company in Drogheda that arranged plastic surgery abroad in Lithuania for at least half the price of what the same procedures would cost in Ireland, so I did a lot of research and discovered that the same company were still arranging plastic surgery in Lithuania with consultations with the surgeon here in Drogheda!


I contacted Daiva and the made an appointment with my surgeon Dr. Mantas Sakalauskas. He explained everything to me including the fact that a Tummy tuck also includes the full repair of muscles that are damaged and separated during pregnancy. I decided to go ahead with the surgery early this year but in the meantime I realised that many women get other procedures like breast lift and/or augmentation done at the same time. I returned to enquire about about a Breast Lift and I'm so glad that I decided to combine the 2 at the same time!


I booked my flights and Daiva helped me with information about hotels, and arranged my surgery and pick ups to and from the clinic and the airport. Everything was like clockwork from the moment I arrived in Kaunas! I had my bloods taken the following morning and took a day to see the sights (many people have their bloods taken on the morning of their surgery but I wanted to have a look around Kaunas) The clinic is new and is absolutely spotlessly clean! I met Dr. Mantas the following morning and then the anaesthetist went through everything with me before I was prepped for surgery. Everybody made me feel welcome and relaxed and the nurses were so lovely. I can't imagine that I would be treated any better or have better results in Ireland than I have got in Lithuania at Nord Clinic! I am thrilled with my results.


It is the best decision I have ever made!

Client: Anonymous

I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery. From the moment I met with Daiva she held my hand throughout the whole process and she was has been very supportive. Before travelling to Kaunas for my surgery I had a consultation with my surgeon here in Ireland. He was very helpful and discussed all of the surgical options and information with me. 
I traveled to Kaunas in July for tummy tuck, liposuction and a breast lift with augmentation. 
I was met at the airport by a very helpful driver who assisted me for the duration of my stay and took me to and from appointments. 
The staff at the clinic were very friendly, kind, caring and supportive. I met with my surgeon for a consultation and blood tests prior to my surgery. He guided me through the process and answered all of my questions and concerns. The clinic is exemplary and of the highest standard. The staff gave 24 hour care which included two lymphatic massages post surgery. The food was restaurant standard. Before leaving Kaunas I had a follow up consultation with my surgeon. 
I am very happy with my surgery and I received the best of care. Daiva has been a great support to me since returning home. I have had follow up consultations with surgeons in the Irish Clinic. The aftercare is excellent. Thank you so much. I would definitely return to Kaunas for further surgery.
Client: Grace

To anyone considering having surgery. I would highly recommend this clinic. I had breast augmentation and from start to finish I was provided fantastic care. The clinic, the staff my surgeon and especially Daiva were so supportive and caring, I will be returning for further treatments thank you everyone

I went to Kaunas last October and had liposuction on my back. I also had my ‘dog ears’ removed from my hip area and scarring on that area corrected. From the time of contacting the Drogheda clinic, I found the service so helpful and very professional. I was provided with all the relevant information before my procedure with a consultation with the surgeon before I travelled. The surgeon was not pushy, while he made a recommendation he really heard what I wanted and didn’t try to sell me anything more but was happy to answer my questions for procedures I would consider having in Kaunas in the future. I was recommended accommodation that I found very satisfactory and my transfers were all organised for me by the clinic before my departure. I was collected at the airport, brought to my hotel, brought to and from the clinic and back to the airport. The transfers were very reliable, always on time and very friendly.  The 24hour care in the clinic was fantastic, the staff were very attentive and caring. The clinic was very clean and very comfortable. I was discharged the following morning after my procedure with the after care explained clearly to me and I was followed up at home. My results were amazing and I was very happy with the outcome of my procedure. I would definitely recommend this clinic and having treatment in Kaunas. I was a very satisfied customer and I hope to return to Kaunas in the future.

Client: Michelle

When I first started thinking of breast implants I researched all the places I could go and read their reviews. I made an appointment with Riverview Medical and when I attended the appointment, the surgeon said he was retiring and therefore there was no point in him talking to me, except to say that it was a simple procedure. I then went back a month later to meet the surgeon who was based in England and came in for a few days to do the procedures. I wasn’t entirely convinced of his suggestions. I then met a girl accidentally who had the procedure at a clinic in Lithuania. Her mother is an oncologist and did a lot of research on this clinic for her daughter. The girl I met had had breast augmentation and a tummy tuck not at the same time. She gave me the details and I made an appointment at their office, here in Ireland and I also spoke to the nurse ahead of my appointment.  After I met the surgeon I was excited but got cold feet and then waited. No hard sell, I called them up a few months later and asked if I could have another appointment as I still had questions, I then met the surgeon who would perform my augmentation and he also suggested a nipple lift so that I would be totally satisfied. He made me feel confident that I would be pleased with my results. Within a month I booked my ticket to Kaunas and they took care of everything. I had a driver pick me up at the airport and he was there for anything I wanted to do. 

When I went to the clinic, I met the loveliest and most knowledgeable staff who answered still further questions I had. All spoke English, it was impeccably clean. I was in safe hands, I knew that. I met the anaesthesiologist who was so kind and took care to explain everything again. The surgeon was superb, he reassured me all along. I awoke from the operation feeling very happy and I was even able to eat shortly after.  I walked to the bathroom and I slept well later that night. The next morning I got to see the results and I can only say that my surgeon is an artist too. They were beautiful and I was happy. I went back to the hotel and I was walking around that evening and the next day I was shopping. The best thing you can do is keep moving as it helps with circulation. I had the neatest scars which almost 6 months later now are already fading away. If I am having any other procedure done I will certainly be going back to Kaunas. 

My daughter will need a breast reduction after weight loss and this is where I will be bringing her. She was with me and says that she wouldn’t think twice about it at this clinic. The nurse here in Ireland is one of the most professional and kind people and organised any follow up appointments back in Ireland too. 

Before I left Kaunas, I had all bandages removed except for tape on the dissolvable stitches. The surgeon was happy that I could travel and gave me the the all clear. He checked me again back in Ireland a few weeks later. 💯satisfaction in this clinic and I am a difficult person to impress.

Client: Catherine

After checking out various clinics and private hospitals in Ireland to have breast uplift, I accidentally came upon Drogheda Cosmetics and to say it has turned my life around is an understatement...when  people hear you are going away for surgery they assume you are having your operation in a shed.. this is the total opposite, the clinic is amazing state of the art, hygiene is paramount  the doctors and nursing staff cannot do enough for you ..the follow up on after care is here at home and finally you won't get the surgery and treatment for a better price it's a fraction of what you would pay in Ireland.

Client: Ellen Marion