Arthur and Daiva Rakauskas

It all started 10 years ago when we had the opportunity of meeting the surgical team in Lithuania and to seeing their work. We were really impressed at the results they were able to achieve and the standards that they upheld, so I started to recommend friends and other people to the clinic in Kaunas.

With time it has developed into what it is today! We have been now working for 9 years in which we have gained many valuable experiences and built strong relationships with surgeons and clients alike. It is as much a passion and hobby as it is a job. We hope to be providing this service for many years to come! (Daiva)


About the Clinicregistratura

The clinic is in the city of Kaunas in Lithuania. The plastic and reconstructive surgeons, who work in this clinic, have high qualifications with PhD’s and long-time experiences in countries like Germany, Denmark and Spain. Their work is done with great persistence and quality. All the staff in the clinic are very helpful and hardworking to measure up to the highest standards.