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I'd hated my tummy for years ever since I'd been a bit overweight in my early 20s and then had 3 children. Although I liked to keep fit, nothing would shift my tummy. If I lost a good bit of weight to make my tummy as flat as possible I would end up looking too thin in the face which just made me look unhealthy and older, and i still had a layer of skin which would be crinklier the more I lost. I remembered seeing a programme on RTE which featured a company in Drogheda that arranged plastic surgery abroad in Lithuania for at least half the price of what the same procedures would cost in Ireland, so I did a lot of research and discovered that the same company were still arranging plastic surgery in Lithuania with consultations with the surgeon here in Drogheda!


I contacted Daiva and the made an appointment with my surgeon Dr. Mantas Sakalauskas. He explained everything to me including the fact that a Tummy tuck also includes the full repair of muscles that are damaged and separated during pregnancy. I decided to go ahead with the surgery early this year but in the meantime I realised that many women get other procedures like breast lift and/or augmentation done at the same time. I returned to enquire about about a Breast Lift and I'm so glad that I decided to combine the 2 at the same time!


I booked my flights and Daiva helped me with information about hotels, and arranged my surgery and pick ups to and from the clinic and the airport. Everything was like clockwork from the moment I arrived in Kaunas! I had my bloods taken the following morning and took a day to see the sights (many people have their bloods taken on the morning of their surgery but I wanted to have a look around Kaunas) The clinic is new and is absolutely spotlessly clean! I met Dr. Mantas the following morning and then the anaesthetist went through everything with me before I was prepped for surgery. Everybody made me feel welcome and relaxed and the nurses were so lovely. I can't imagine that I would be treated any better or have better results in Ireland than I have got in Lithuania at Nord Clinic! I am thrilled with my results.


It is the best decision I have ever made!

Client: Anonymous