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When I first started thinking of breast implants I researched all the places I could go and read their reviews. I made an appointment with Riverview Medical and when I attended the appointment, the surgeon said he was retiring and therefore there was no point in him talking to me, except to say that it was a simple procedure. I then went back a month later to meet the surgeon who was based in England and came in for a few days to do the procedures. I wasn’t entirely convinced of his suggestions. I then met a girl accidentally who had the procedure at a clinic in Lithuania. Her mother is an oncologist and did a lot of research on this clinic for her daughter. The girl I met had had breast augmentation and a tummy tuck not at the same time. She gave me the details and I made an appointment at their office, here in Ireland and I also spoke to the nurse ahead of my appointment.  After I met the surgeon I was excited but got cold feet and then waited. No hard sell, I called them up a few months later and asked if I could have another appointment as I still had questions, I then met the surgeon who would perform my augmentation and he also suggested a nipple lift so that I would be totally satisfied. He made me feel confident that I would be pleased with my results. Within a month I booked my ticket to Kaunas and they took care of everything. I had a driver pick me up at the airport and he was there for anything I wanted to do. 

When I went to the clinic, I met the loveliest and most knowledgeable staff who answered still further questions I had. All spoke English, it was impeccably clean. I was in safe hands, I knew that. I met the anaesthesiologist who was so kind and took care to explain everything again. The surgeon was superb, he reassured me all along. I awoke from the operation feeling very happy and I was even able to eat shortly after.  I walked to the bathroom and I slept well later that night. The next morning I got to see the results and I can only say that my surgeon is an artist too. They were beautiful and I was happy. I went back to the hotel and I was walking around that evening and the next day I was shopping. The best thing you can do is keep moving as it helps with circulation. I had the neatest scars which almost 6 months later now are already fading away. If I am having any other procedure done I will certainly be going back to Kaunas. 

My daughter will need a breast reduction after weight loss and this is where I will be bringing her. She was with me and says that she wouldn’t think twice about it at this clinic. The nurse here in Ireland is one of the most professional and kind people and organised any follow up appointments back in Ireland too. 

Before I left Kaunas, I had all bandages removed except for tape on the dissolvable stitches. The surgeon was happy that I could travel and gave me the the all clear. He checked me again back in Ireland a few weeks later. 💯satisfaction in this clinic and I am a difficult person to impress.

Client: Catherine